Celebrating Thirty Years with a New Look and New Arrivals !

Hey Viv ! Rockin’ 50’s Retro Clothing and Vibrant Vintage aka Hey Viv ! Inc. has reached a milestone that few business can say they have achieved. This July, Hey Viv ! Inc. is celebrating thirty years in business! It has not been any easy ride, but it sure has been a fun journey. Who can complain about thirty years surrounded by clothing? After thirty years, Hey Viv ! has decided to celebrate and recognize years of hard work with new looks, new arrivals, and having fun!


Hey Viv started years ago at local flea markets selling vintage items. It graduated into “Hey Viv Vintage Clothing” in 1986 on Port Richmond Ave in Staten Island, New York. In the early 90’s, Viv opened a second store named “Yo Viv !”  which carried military surplus and army boots. In 1999, Viv posted her first listing on Ebay. Within a few years she was selling at Hey Viv.com, Amazon.com and Etsy.com. Hey Viv ! Inc. transformed into an successful online business catering to costumers, party goers, and lovers of vintage and all things retro.

Now, how does one celebrate  thirty years? With new looks and fresh ideas. For the first time since she sold at flea markets, Viv opened up a one day Pop Up Shop at Make.SI . The staff of Hey Viv (Viv, Julie, and Rachel) set up a physical shop in St. George, Staten Island as a part of Staten Island’s cultural art walk Second Saturday. The Hey Viv Staff set up the store, greeted happy customers (even customers of Hey Viv’s original store) and help customers shop around for vintage and retro clothing.There was even musical stylings by Phoebe Blue and The Make Baleaves. The Pop Up Shop was a success because we got to spend time with close friends, smile, and make a sale or two!


After working in clothing for thirty years, Viv is aware that look and style constantly change.  It was time for heyviv.com to get a new look. Now the website accommodates our costumers at the Sock Hop Shop for all sock hop needs. The retro lovers can shop for all things retro in the Retro Boutique. Popular UK brand Hell Bunny, Heart of Haute, and Miriam Garber are now added to the list of brands carried by Hey Viv. In addition, Hey Viv now has it’s own custom brand of Fit and Flare dresses and circle skirts. Hey Viv will continue to grow over the another thirty years!

Cannes Circle Skirt by Hell Bunny


Thank you to everyone, all our customers, all our suppliers, the vintage lovers, the pin up gals and party goers.  Here’s to thirty more years at Hey Viv !


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