It’s Summer with Jackie O’Sassness and her 1962 Ford !

Hanging out with Jackie O’Sassness and her 1962 Chevy Galaxy Convertible –  ready for the Fourth of July.  Let’s hear it for red, white and blue and a classy dame !

Jackie O'Sassness and her 1955 Chevy Galaxy Convertible


Jackie likes to coordinate her outfits with the dashing red car interior. color coordinating her cotton print dress with Red heart earrings, necklace  both from Hey Viv !


Don’t miss Jackie’s sweet ride.  She’s ready to put the top down and go for a spin.


Summer is here and its time to check out Hot Rods at Classic Car Shows.  Car shows are a perfect event to get yourself up and out during the summer!

Summer car shows are also a great time to dress full throttle in a retro outfit. Dress up in a cute rockabilly polka dot dress just like Jackie O’Sassness.  Or Slap on a pair of high waisted shorts with a retro halter top with a red bandanna for a “Roise the Riveter” inspired look.   Add cute accessories like a Hey Dollface Heart Pendant and Earrings, featured on the beautiful Jackie. Cherry accessories are also a great staple of the retro and rockabilly style.

Dressing up is just part of the fun at a summer car show. It adds to the experience. Check out summer car shows in your area. Cruise around to find your dream car and don’t forget to take a snapshot! Follow @heyvivinc on Instagram and share your summer car shows pictures with #heyvivinc and #heyvivretro !

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