Swing on a Star – Hey Viv ! Holiday Photo Shoot

Hello everybody !

We just finished our holiday photo shoot  with Kristopher Johnson at Deep Tanks Photo Studio.  Our holiday theme this year is “Swing on a Star.”  We had fun mixing and matching the looks for our holiday dresses with retro hats, gloves and just the right jewelry.  Behind the scenes might be a jumble with the models trying on shoe, dresses and what not but it all came out right thanks to our stylist Rachel and Delia who worked with the models to keep all the details straight. 

I’m tying the bow and making sure the seams are straight for Julia.

We brought in lots of giant stars for our “Swing on a Star” theme.  When we set up the props Julia and Lys kept laughing which of course made us laugh and well you know…. Want to see how this picture turned out ?  go to our home page at HeyViv.com and you’ll see. 

http://www.heyviv.com/featured-item-sweet-heart-sunglasses/A few hours and a few laughs later Kris Johnson got some nice shots that we’re editing now and adding to our website.  These two classy dames really know how to show off the product !http://www.heyviv.com/retro-style-black-pillbox-with-veil/

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