Inspiration Sale – Hey Viv Vintage on Etsy – 20% off

October is Fall and Halloween season -Two reasons to take a quick look at our wardrobe.

First of all, we need to make sure we have freshened our Fall look – get those cardigans out.

Second, it’s Halloween ! Time to pick up something cute to wear as a costume – something vintage perhaps ?   


That’s why we have put everything in our Hey Viv Etsy store on 20% off sale.  Pick up a tasty skirt, a mod dress or a cute cardigan to add to your Fall look.  Going as a school girl for Halloween?  We have plaid skirts.  Dressing as a modern housewife ?  We have house dresses and aprons. Drop on by before we are cleared out.  Sale lasts til midnight Halloween. 


Deals, specials and wholesale – Great for Boutiques and Costumers

Hey Viv Wholesale Lots on eBay

Deals, specials and wholesale – Great for Boutiques and Costumers.

Hey Viv ! Wholesale Quick Deals on eBay    pick up items at special prices.

Looking for larger amounts of retro clothing at wholesale prices ?      Check our wholesale information page and contact for more information.