eBay Advocacy Day 2017

Recently, I was invited to Washington  DC to  attend eBay’s Advocacy Day on Wed May 3, 2017 as part of a group of about 20 businesses from across the US.  It was a wonderful chance to network, learn, and  talk about the challenges we face as small businesses.  eBay Advocacy Day is an annual event out together by the eBay Government Relations Team.  The team set up meetings with our representatives in the Senate and Congress where we talked about internet tax, open trade, NAFTA, and how government regulations affect our business.  We also visited the White House for a meeting with Andrew Bremberg, the Assistant to the President and the Director of the Domestic Policy Council and Michael Kratsios, the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer.  The lines of communication were open and information exchanged.

That week we were in Washington also happened to be Small Business Week – April 30th to May 6, 2017 so it was doubly exciting to be in Washington for this celebration.

And after the hard work, comes the celebration.   The  eBay team set up a Seller Showcase at Eastern Market and treated us to a party.  Here’s a video from the Hey Viv ! Booth.


Hey Viv ! Vintage Clothing on Etsy .

Hey Viv Vintage Clothing on Etsy

We love Etsy !  And now that the Hey Viv Team (led by Ms RayRay) has moved our vintage clothing from HeyViv.com to our etsy store at “Hey Viv ! Vintage on Etsy”  you’ll have to come visit us ! Come see the vibrant and fanciful vintage clothing that Hey Viv is known for.  Mod dresses, swinging skirts, classic tops and fine hats with new stock listed weekly.

Ms RayRay, our Etsy Queen at Hey Viv says, “We love the way Etsy lets us showcase the collection of fun, wearable vintage pieces we’ve curated over the years to the retro-curious and the die-hard aficionado alike in a social community of friendly buyers and sellers!”

She’s also posting a “Vintage Pick of the Week” on Hey Viv Retro Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .  Each week the Vintage Pick will highlight what’s new and intriguing from our vintage stockpile – you never know what Ms RayRay will come up with !

Hey Viv Vintage Clothing on Etsy

It’s a delight to be part of the Etsy community.  Come visit and favorite our Hey Viv Vintage Clothing on Etsy .  We look forward to seeing you there 🙂