Behind the Scenes at Hey Viv !

Behind the Scenes at Hey Viv !   Recently we started working with an intriguing batch of clothing that came into our warehouse.  It’s new/old store stock made for Antique Boutique in the 1990’s including skirts, jumpers and jackets.  It qualifies as vintage (I know can you believe stuff from the 90’s is vintage ?! )


Antique Boutique was such a cool store with a mix of vintage, reworked clothing, grunge and low cost apparel.  I remember shopping there and Canal Jeans. sigh, I miss them…..

In this stash all of the items had been made from re-purposed wool skirts or rayon dresses.  Each piece of clothing is unique because they used fabric pieces and put them together like patchwork.  Very clever and cool.

We are going through all the clothing, taking photos and listing everything – mostly on Etsy . It’s a trip down NYC Memory Lane for me and I hope you get a kick out of it too.

Plaid Wool Jacket from Antique Boutique

Plaid Wool Jacket worn by musician Phoebe Blue. She says:  ” I love it !  No one else has this jacket !  It is so comfortable.” 


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