Staten Island Is My Home

I’m a Staten Islander even though I’ve only lived in Staten Island for 30 years – some people say it doesn’t really count unless you’re born here 🙂    My business, Hey Viv! Vintage Clothing opened on Port Richmond Ave,  we got married here, bought our first house and raised 3 kids who are proud to say they are from Staten Island.   Here’s some other reasons I like Staten Island.

Loyalty: people are loyal In Staten Island and support local arts and local businesses.  This may be because we feel a little cut off sometimes (we are an island after all) and we tend to nurture our own.  Staten Island is pretty big yet has a small town feel and people get to know you.

Parks: Staten Island has more than 12,300 acres of protected parkland.  We have green space, beaches, lakes, places to hike and botanical gardens.  Sometimes, it’s hard to believe we are part of New York City.   And best of all,  my business is a block from Snug Harbor’s 83 acres of gardens, paths and ponds where I can bike and walk everyday

Central Location: Staten Island is only a Ferry ride away from Manhattan and everything it has to offer.  On the other side – New Jersey has shopping, small towns to explore and of course the Jersey Shore.  Ride an hour or so upstate and you’ve got the Catskills, the Delaware River and more.

Staten Island is a mix of suburbia and city, of quiet and hustle.  It all depends on what part of Staten Island you are in.  Travel 10 minutes in any direction and see how much it changes.  And I like all those differences – Staten Island has been very good for me and for Hey Viv !   Here’s to the next 30 years !

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