Inspiration for a Small Business

Wow ! 30 years in business ! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  I started Hey Viv ! in 1986 by opening  a small 16′ by 25′ store in Staten Island.  Here’s how I looked on opening day.  (obviously I love hats)


Thinking about what inspired me to start this project and grow it into the thriving business it is today I have to credit a few people.  Here goes….

  • My husband Mark who never said I was crazy for wanting to open a vintage clothing store.  He helped me rehab the store space, painted, sawed and hammered without complaint (except when I wanted to paint the store pink – that I heard about ! )  With Mark’s help I got up and running in 1986 and never looked back.
  • The local LDC (Local Development Center) and SCORE office.  Their staff walked me through the paper work and answered hundreds of questions.  One counselor told me: “It’s your business.  Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it.”
  • Thank you to the first person who walked through the door to my new store.  She came in to browse but didn’t see anything she wanted.  When I told her she was the first person to come in she promptly bought a scarf.  What a feeling !
  • And to all my friends who listened, shopped, advised and cheered me up and cheered me on.  Thanks for your support.


So that’s some of the people who helped me to start and keep my small business going.  Who inspires you to keep going ?

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