As part of #JustKeepDancing, a fundraiser for kids and families dealing with pediatric cancer created by Ellen Degeneres, Hey Viv ! Inc had the opportunity to collaborate with Sam Toscano of LGBD Talent Development Center to create a music video. As Paul Taverna shot through his lens, I image he was taken back in time to the good ‘ol days.


Toscano’s vision for the shoot began with lip syncing to Megan Trainor’s hit song “Dear Feature Husband.” Especially fitting for Hey Viv !, the shoot was set in a 50’s themed diner in Long Branch, New Jersey. Rocky’s Jersey Grill, with its red, black, and white checkered decor, retro bar stools, and old fashioned luncheonette style, was the perfect backdrop for costumes styled by Hey Viv !

espo girls

To enhance the diner’s 50’s theme, the performers (or what I like to call them soda shoppe girls) wore red, black, and pink retro circle skirts. To give a bit of variety and authenticity, some girls worse ric rac skirts and others wore classic poodle skirts. With scarves in their hair and pop beads to wear, the performers looked stunning in their costumes. Not to mention, they easily did all their tricks with no hesitation. It is difficult to style a large cast, but keeping it simple and classic is your best bet.


Special Thanks to:

Sam Toscano at LGBD Talent Development Center

Paul Taverna, Videographer

Jeff Caso at East Coast Celebrity & Client Management

Performers from Dance Factory and One Step Ahead

Genna Werno, Makeup

Maria Ramirez, Hair

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