Retro goes Goth Glam with The Flesh Junkies

Hey Viv ! has done a number of collaborations with bloggers whose style blends a retro foundation with modern style. Specializing in retro inspired clothing we try to bring retro charm to the modern girl. It is safe to say that many of our customers love anything and everything retro.

Trying to transform a contemporary outfit into a sweet retro inspired look is what I do best. But, when Viv of Hey Viv ! approached me about collaborating with The Flesh Junkies, “Staten Island’s Premier Zombie Punk Cabaret,” retro goth glam immediately came to mind. But, how was I going to put it all together? And make it look fantastic?


While searching for the perfect pieces in the Hey Viv stock room, I began to brainstorm what retro goth glam meant and most importantly looked. Rockabilly, retro, black, red, turn of the century, and funky came to mind. So I pulled anything black and red, striped, polka dotted, and textured. I found myself preparing to steam halter tops, tight fitted shirts, pencil skirts, fit and flare dresses and so much more. I realized there was a lot more to work with than I realized.

What attracted me towards styling Rina, lead singer of The Flesh Junkies, was that I had to think how not to put these pieces together. Zombie Queens don’t want to look like Betty Draper or Joan Holloway! I had to look through Rina’s darkened zombie eyes and say if this is all Rina can work with, how would she put it together?

I started off with a Black Fit and Flare dress with a Red Polka Dot Cinch Belt. When I added a Red Crinoline, I made sure it peeped out the bottom a bit so you can see the color. I thought a Black Blow Fascinator with a Veil would give it an antique-y, creepy look. Although this outfit still seemed basically retro, Rina added her goth glam accessories to really create my vision of a retro goth glam look. At this point, I wanted more funkiness to make this look go over the top. I simply put the Red Crinoline over the Fit and Flare Dress. What a difference that made!

Her second outfit had a more rockabilly foundation. Dressed in a Red Suspender Pencil Skirt and a Black and White Striped Fitted Top, Rina portrayed a perfect Zombie Pinup Girl. Her skeleton hair clips and dripping blood choker did the trick for me! Guitarist of The Flesh Junkies (also Rina’s rockstar husband) even fashioned a simple all black look with a tuxedo jacket, Hypno-tronic Comic t-shirt, and top hat. I added a Hey Viv Long Red Scarf to Bub’s top hat for a sort of Jimi Hendrix glam look.


With their retro goth glam looks achieved Rina and Bub took on their role as The Flesh Junkies. Watching them pose for photographer Kristopher Johnson of Deep Tanks, I couldn’t help but see that these outfits took on the character and essence of The Flesh Junkies.

To find out more on the outfits of The Flesh Junkies shoot go to

To find out more about The Flesh Junkies and show dates visit their website

To find rare comics and rare collectibles visit Hypno-tronic Comics

To check out a cool art gallery and studio visit Deep Tanks

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