Looking for Retro Style for your Boutique ?

Looking for Retro Style for your Boutique? Visit Hey Viv Retro Clothing Wholesale http://www.retroclothingwholesale.com #retro

Welcome to Hey Viv ! Retro 50s Fashion Clothing Wholesale. 

I’m glad you’re interested in our quality retro clothing made right here in the USA.

Hey Viv brand poodle skirts, circle skirts, crinolines, cinch belts, and sheer chiffon scarves are a perfect fit for your retail retro and costume store. Quality product that you’ll be proud to sell. Set up your wholesale account today so you can shop from our wholesale online store or let us put together a special batch just for your customers.

I’d like to hear about your business, what your best sellers are, where you need to fill in, what you might want to test out.  I’ve been in retro clothing for 30 years –  Let’s talk ! Contact us for 50s style  retro clothing wholesale - from Hey Viv !

Viv  viv@heyviv.com   1-866-543-9848 Mon – Fri 9-5 EST


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