Hey Viv ! Pin Up Model at the Staten Island Artist Market

Speaking from experience, while working at a retro clothing company for almost two years, it is easy to get hooked into the world and culture of retro. Before I knew it I was wearing harlequin print dresses, putting my hair in victory rolls, and perfecting the cat eye. Surrounded by retro clothing and trends as Inventory Manager at Hey Viv ! Inc, I decided apply my love for retro and pinup into modeling. I was fortunate enough to begin modeling for Hey Viv ! and quickly got into the swing of things.

With amazing experience under my cinch belt, I was asked to do a photo shoot by artist Denise Mumm for a special local event with the Staten Island Artists Market. However, this was unlike any photo shoot that I have done before. Not only was I to mingle with local artists and model their jewelry and art, but I had to model in front of an audience. At first, I was a bit intimidated to have strangers watch me model because I had only done shoots with myself and a photographer which created a more private atmosphere. Luckily, there would be another model, Katrina, to be at the center of attention. Nevertheless, I was excited to take on a new challenge.


With victory rolls in my hair, red lipstick applied, and heels on, I was ready to work the room. Feeling nervous at first, I walked up to my first booth and found beautifully crafted, delicate necklaces by Irma Bohorquez-Geisler.  I spoke with the designer as she let me put on a necklace I picked out. Turns out, she was also a photographer and snapped a few shots of me with her necklace. This didn’t seem too bad, so I went on to the next artist, Sage Reynolds, whose table was full of dramatic pieces. He styled me with a stunning large Peruvian Opal necklace with a matching bracelet. As he took a couple of pictures, I felt like I was at the Oscars!


As I met more artists, tried on their jewelry and accessories or modeled their artwork, I became more at ease. All the vendors at the market were friendly, fun, and seemed to love having Katrina and I fashion their pieces. When the time came to model for the photo shoot with photographer Amy Alamo in front of the entire market, I felt confident and ready to go. After speaking with all the artists, I had a handle on their style and vision which helped inspire me in the photo shoot.


At the end of a long day of shooting, I was happy to have met all the artists at the Staten Island Artists Market and experienced the lovely wares including the exquisite handwoven scarves of Tina Bliss, the jewelry adornments from Cricket and Abacus, the fine art from Susan Grabel and the colorful origami by Hiroko Otani Modeling at the market was such a unique experience and the artists made it all the more enjoyable for me.

photoshoot_artistmarket3Behind the Scenes Photo Album at the Staten Island Artist Market

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