All Wrapped Up for the Holidays

It’s the time of the season for red and white! Are  you prepping to get all wrapped up for the holidays? Stores are starting to unwrap red and white decorations to get into the spirit of the holidays. Even Starbucks busted out their special red and white holiday cups! As the holiday season approaches, you may have received an invitation or two to friends and families holiday parties. But the questions always is, what to wear. You saved a beautiful piece from last holiday season, but you can’t help searching the wreath covered mall for the perfect holiday dress.

You want to get into the holiday spirit with a holiday themed outfit without looking like a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush. Try a red and white themed outfit! It says “Look at me, I’m bold and love the holidays!” Now, the search is on for the perfect holiday party outfit. To avoid crowded malls during the busiest time of year, check out Unwrap the Holidays. 


Hey Viv’s Unwrap the Holidays has a great selection of red and white dresses, skirts, tops and accessories to get ready for your special holiday party. Be bold with a Red Fit and Flare Party Dress and add Heart Drop earrings as a flirty accessory. For an office party, show your office you love the holidays with a Red Suspender Pencil Skirt and our new Peasant Sleeve Blouse. Red and white all around! Santa isn’t the only person who can rock those colors.

Unwrap the Holidays at Hey Viv ! isn’t just for holiday parties. If you’re putting on a Holiday Showcase or musical, Hey Viv ! has holiday themed outfits that can fit an entire cast. Red Poodle skirts with a Peter Pan Blouse will make the stage look like a real life candy cane! If you are looking for more flare, check out a red circle skirt with a green scarf to put some swing into your holiday production. Don’t forget, Hey Viv ! has crinolines in red and white to add extra “umph” into your holiday style.


Hey Viv ! Unwrap the Holidays is  your one stop shop for all things red and white themed for the holidays. Check it out We know picking out the perfect holiday outfit or costumes can be frustrating, but the Hey Viv ! elves are always here to help. Make sure to chat, call, or shoot us an email if you have any question on shipping, sizing, or what ever else you need help with. Unwrap the Holidays with Hey Viv !


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