Hey Viv ! Staff Picks

Viv's Staff Picks !

Lately it seems that online shopping has dominated the fashion industry. Who has time to go to crowded malls? And who wants to go on a hunt for the perfect item when you can just do a quick Google search from home? However, the down side to buying clothing online is never knowing what you are going to get. Don’t  you wish you had a personal online shopper to help you pick out an item you found online?

Well, now you do! Viv of Hey Viv ! has created “Viv’s Staff Picks ! “ The Staff of Hey Viv is here to help when you are indecisive on a item you are willing to buy. The great thing about Viv’s Staff Picks is they have made it easier to pick out your must have retro styles with comments on what they love about their favorite items. Not only do you buy our retro for customers, we buy it wear it ourselves!


As a busy fashion forward woman, Viv attends many 50’s themed and vintage inspired events. Her go to dress is the Red Rockabilly Swing Cocktail Dress. Here is what she had to say about it:

“I wanted something that was an easy and comfortable vintage look. I really like the sweetheart neckline on this dress because it looks good with a pretty necklace. I feel special in this dress but also at ease because I can wear it with flats or with heels. The cut is very full, I’ve worn it with and without the belt.  It’s versatile and any time I wear it I get a lot of compliments. ”

Sound convincing? Doesn’t everyone want that perfect comfortable dress that they will receive many compliments on? Hey Viv ! Inc is adding more and more Staff Picks on the website at www.heyviv.com. Staff Picks are marked and have a brief description by a Hey Viv ! Staff member on why they love a particular item. It will sure help when you are picking out the right retro item for yourself. It’s like having your very on Hey Viv ! personal shopper!


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