Here’s a Way to Receive Helpful Costume Advice!

So your school or community theater has decided to put on a 1950’s production. Grease, Bye Bye Birdie, West Side Story, and Hairspray are a few popular 50’s productions to be put on the stage. As the cast and crew assignments go out, you realize you have been chosen as Costumer. The costumer has one of the most important jobs of the production because costumes set the personality of each unique character and furthermore, create the aesthetic of a true period piece.

But, as costumer, you have no idea where to start! Maybe you’ve never had costuming experience before, besides dressing up your cat in a cute sailor uniform for the kitty production of South Pacific! Now you realize, costuming is more that just picking out a few poodle skirts for your production of Grease or circle skirts for Bye Bye Birdie. With dozens of actors in the cast, costumers have to worry about materials, measurements, fit, colors, design, and actually shopping for costumes!  You are now deeper in costuming that you ever could have imagined!

However, Hey Viv ! Rockin’ Retro Clothing has put together the Helping Hands Costume Guide for Costumers who need a little help. The guide includes useful basics. You will find how to properly measure your cast, with a helpful chart to keep track of your fittings. There is also a shopping guide form for keeping track of costumes, props, and whatever else is needed for your production. Need some more resources? The guide also includes helpful websites with useful information regarding costuming. With a little help from Hey Viv !, you’ll be on your way to costuming like a pro.

Hey Viv ! Rockin’ Retro Clothing not only great costuming help, but also great costumes. With poodle skirts, circle skirts, blouses, and accessories, Hey Viv ! offers a wide variety of styles to fit any 1950’s production. Did you just remember you are on a tight budget? Have no fear; Hey Viv ! offers discounts for schools and community theaters! And if you need extra help give Viv a call and she’ll be happy to share her expertise costuming experience and advice. If you would like a PDF copy of the Helping Hands Costume guide, click on this link. Please send me a copy of your Helping Hands Costume Guide

Happy Costuming!



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