Three Simple Ideas to Go Orange and Black for Halloween

Feel that nip in the morning air? Grabbing a coat before you leave the house? Is everything already pumpkin spiced? That means Fall is brewing and Halloween is right around the corner. Don’t have an idea for a Halloween costume? Here are a few black and orange accessories to get you into the spirit of Halloween.

Though, why orange and black? the most common opinion about where the colors originated is steeped in the rich history of the Celtics and the Druids, with the burning of unbleached beeswax candles (orange) and ceremonial caskets draped in a black cloth.


Dress and go retro with an Orange Scarf. Wear an all black outfit like cute leggings and chunky black sweater and add and orange scarf as a pop of color! Tie it in a bow as a hair accessory or wrap around your neck for a unique retro feel. You’ll be black and orange all over!

Black cats have always been a symbol of Halloween and are considered to be superstitious. However if your’re wearing a little black dress you could be the cat’s meow with Black Cat Tattoo Tights. The cat face will peek a boo just above the knee in the front. You’ll be the cat’s meow with these fun, flirty tights.

Lastly, get a sweet and spooky with common Halloween figures. Wear Skull Drop Earrings. These cute & creepy skull drop earrings have a face you just can’t say no to. Wear them at Halloween, your next pirate party, or just anytime for fun! Or add a little edge to your look with cool Coffin Drop Earrings. Perfect for Halloween or any day you feel extra gothy!

instagram_halloweenFind Halloween essentials at Whatever your style, you can always go Sweet and Spooky for Halloween!


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