Vintage Charm with Modern Flare


As retro style amalgamates into modern fashion, Hey Viv ! Inc constantly seeks new companies and fresh merchandise. Owner and designer of Hey Dollface, Jen Macalusco mixes vintage pieces with modern fittings to create colorful pieces that inspire whimsy and femininity. Hey Viv ! Inc especially enjoys to collaborate with local artisans like Hey Dollface to give the shop a one of a kind retro appeal.  

Currently, Hey Viv ! Inc is going through major changes. Not only are we carrying top of the line retro clothing from companies such as Heart of Haute and Hell Bunny, we are designing our own line of skirts and dresses and revamping our website, soon to come! It was also time to rethink our jewelry section. Having successfully sold Hey Dollface designer jewelry, we asked Jen to make a few pieces for Hey Viv ! again. 

We wanted pieces to blend with new items we started carrying. Jen suggested some of her best selling bib necklaces. However, we were not ready for such big statement pieces and decided to go more subtle. Jen visited her old vintage stock seller and found bountiful bouquets and daises. She even found a old vintage stock black kitty brooch. She then revealed her daisy and cameo necklace, daisy earrings, bouquet necklace, and cute kitty brooch with a bow. It was exactly what we were looking for! Perfect everyday statement pieces with a bit of bubbly charm.

Looking for a unique necklace or earrings? Check out Hey Dollface’s jewelry at Find something that fits you!



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