Building Our Team – 30 years at Hey Viv !

Here I am at my first show at my new store in 1986

Here I am at my first show at my new store in 1986

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since I opened “Hey Viv – Vintage Clothing ” in Port Richmond.  It started with a dream to own my own business and have lots of time off. (as you can tell, I had never run a business before )

Hey Viv grew from a tiny store into a bigger store, then 2 stores and then went fully online.  We went through many  trends from 1940’s padded shoulders to old Levis to bell bottoms to 50’s poodle skirts. We also branched out into Army Navy surplus and vintage records.

Here’s some of the people who have influenced and helped along the way.

Joanne Regan at the West Brighton LDC sat me down in the early days and made me organize my business.  She helped with paperwork, a business plan and listened to my dreams.  Joanne believed in me and gave me confidence.

The Netpreneurs, a group of online businesses on Staten island, made a huge difference in my online e commerce efforts. Our meetings covered everything from A to Z on the internet. Because of this group I bravely went in to the new world of eBay, Amazon and my own site.

Jim Scharnott was my first full time employee.  He expanded our store selection with his record collection, often played DJ and made mix tapes to play in the store. Thanks to Jim we always had the weirdest Christmas music at the holidays and the nicest Santa every year.

In 2011 I attended Fast Trac at the Hoffman Institute taught by Jeri Quinn.  She became my coach and mentor.  With her help I expanded Hey Viv internationally and into wholesale.  We continue to meet and she inspires me everyday.

And of course, I credit a lot of my success to all the creative and smart people who come to work at Hey Viv.  Each of them brings their special talents and skills.   I’m excited when someone new comes on board.  I can’t wait to see what they will excel at, what they will teach us and projects they will develop. Hey Viv Inc is a business built on team work.


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