Hey, Dollface ! What’s New ?

Cute new retro inspired jewelry from Hey Dollface  now at Hey Viv !  

    I met Jen, the owner of  Hey Dollface, at an artisan market and was immediately taken with her jewelry designs and her bubbly charm.  She mixes vintage pieces with modern fittings and creates colorful accessories that “inspire whimsy and femininity.”  As soon as I saw her jewelry I knew that the Hey Dollface line would be a great fit at Hey Viv.  And now we carry my favorite, the “Love Drop Heart Pendant.”   It’s made with a vibrant red vintage West German charm that Jen sourced just for Hey Viv ! There’s even a matching pair of “Love Drop Heart Earrings”.  xoxoxxo

 Jen came to our recent fashion shoot at Deep Tanks Studio to show off new Dollface designs.   Her retro style shows from her clothes to her toes.   “I’m a twenty something New Yorker with a serious love for vintage fashion, sewing and accessorizing.”  
That’s me showing off Dollface Daisy Earrings while Jen’s got the world falling in love with “Love Drop Heart Pendant and Earrings”
Jen’s talent and energy really drive Hey  Dollface ! And she knows where her heart is: “There is nothing better than the feeling I get from creating something from start to finish and watching it work its way into another’s heart and wardrobe. “  Find out more about Hey, Dollface and the story behind the cute business name. And see what we’re up to at Hey Viv !
“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” Swami Sivananda

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