A Celebration of 50’s Fashion Inspiration

How are today’s fashions influenced by the 1950’s silhouettes and trends?   Rockabilly style celebrates the vintage pin up look with shapely curvy dresses or fit and flare dresses. Combining Fascinators and decorated headbands for an updated 50’s look.  I was in Manhattan the other day and counted five women wearing a big side bow or embellished headband with a “hat” look.

 Hollywood is also on the bandwagon with red carpet dresses from designer’s vaults to give a fresh look and inspiration.  Jennifer Aniston wears vintage Valentino, Drew Barrymore has been seen in body con dresses from the 80’s and Heidi Klum loves vintage Galliano. These one of a kind dresses set new fashion trends and influence how we all want to look.

Heid Klum in Galliano vintage cocktail dress – love the bold red rose !

Street fashion often use vintage fashions in new and creative ways by mixing and matching individual style.  Layer new thin cardigans over a vintage fit and flare dress. Sheer vintage dress? wear it over another dress and add leggings.  Mix a 50’s pencil skirt with a bold new Tshirt and flats.   Or add a bright pop of color to update a vintage look.

Miss Tutli-Putli, owner of a vintage street fashion blog, mostly based on second hand clothes, strolls the streets of Bucharest displaying  a truly powerful personal style.

Look on Polyvore for vintage inspiration and new ways to create updated outfits. It’s an ever changing fashion show.  Have any thoughts on how vintage gets reworked and reused and renewed  ?  – please post.  I’d love to hear it.


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