Putting on a Show ? Get the Word Out !

Ok, so you’re busy putting your show together, casting, rehearsing, staging, selling tickets and more.  You have to wear a hundred hats!   You also have to get the word out so you can fill those seats.

At Hey Viv we came up with an idea.  We sell  to schools and local theaters and talk to people all the time about their shows.  We also do a lot of social networking – why not put the two together?  We’ve come up with several ideas.  Once we hear about a show we put it out on our  Twitter and post it on our Facebook page –  Hey Viv Fan Page .  We’re also working on other places to post and make other connections so stay tuned as we sort this out (suggestions are welcome 🙂   We hope that people will see our posts and repost and retweet to their followers to keep this going.

You may be wondering – Viv, why should I do this ?  This gets your show and links into different channels which helps with search engines. Hopefully when people search for you or your show they will see and comment and retweet these posts which helps bring you more traffic.  It’s the circle of life (or at least the circle of the internet 🙂 

Here’s how it works.   Email me with show information and links and I’ll do the post or go to our  Hey Viv Fan Page on Facebook .   “like” the page and put it in yourself.  And when you see our posts and tweets for other shows share the love –  retweet, comment and like.  And we’ll all benefit. Thanks ! 


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