Costuming for Grease, Bye Bye Birdie or any 50’s Show

Are you a putting on a production of Grease or Bye Bye Birdie ? 

50’s shows are lively, fun and everyone gets a kick out of the toe tapping songs. Audiences know so many of the songs from seeing the movies – I’m sure they’re tempted to sing a along.

These shows also have large casts with lots of costuming needs. So, if your middle school, high school or theater group is performing Grease or Bye Bye Birdie  have no fear, Hey Viv is Here

Hey Viv has circle skirts and pencil skirts, poodle skirts , peter pan blouses and tops, and accessories  galore.  Our top quality circle skirts, poodle skirts, crinolines and tops come in a variety of sizes that are in stock and ready to ship. Our prices fit any budget. Purchase orders are no problem.

Hey Viv Retro 50s Clothing and Costume help

We’ve got  help pages and experienced staff who can help you decide sizes, styles and how to put it all together. We’re available to help get it right and ready for you for dress rehearsal.  We have lots of experience in working with individuals or groups.  Check our Costume Help page 

Our Discount Program is available to any school event, party or play. And we have two kinds of discounts.  If your cast members buy their own costume we issue a coupon using your group name for each person to use.  If you’re placing a $200 or more order we offer 10% off your order total. 

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How about some Free Publicity ! We’ll  tweet and post about your show and add you to our Facebook Fan Page .    Let’s spread the love and let everyone know about local theater.

We look forward to hearing from you – Keep rockin’ the 50’s ! 

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  • Phone: (866)-543-9848


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