Let’s Put on a Holiday Show

 I’m starting to get orders for skirts and scarves – it’s that happy time of the year when holiday shows and musicals are being planned.  Let’s get the lights, costumes and rehearsals going!  If you’re putting on a show here’s a list of resources that I hope you’ll find helpful. 

In doing research for this blog I came upon an online newsletter for anyone working in community, local and school theater.    Pioneer Drama Service  has a newsletter with lots of links and resources.   “We invite you to visit them (the links) so that you can get to know numerous theaters, read intriguing articles about drama and, perhaps, connect with other individuals in your field.”  Here’s a link to their latest newsletter  Christmas Plays and Christmas Musicals For the Holiday Season For Churches, Schools and Theatres .  You can also check out their other newsletters on different theater topics. 

Musicals101.com  “The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film  Created by John Kenrick” has a broad range of information, history, sample songs and lyrics, almost anything you’d want to know about putting on musicals including this basic step by step guide “How to Put on a Musical.” This site has lots of links that cover everything from how to choose a show, put on effective rehearsals and realistic planning and budgeting.  He gives encouraging and common sense advice. 

I grew up putting on plays and puppet shows at home and so I really enjoyed Kidspot.com.au  with their   piece on how to put on a show at home.  They break it down for young kids and make it all very doable with a step by step guide.  I feel inspired to make a sock puppet and reenact my biggest hit (at age 7) “Good King Wenceslas Gets Lost in the Snow.” 

And if you feel like reaching out there’s lots of active forums for anyone involved in the theater Community Theater Green Room and Control Booth are two that I found. Post a question, browse the topics, there’s always new things to learn. I see recent posts so it looks like they are well tended.

Need some costume help or advice for your holiday show?  Hey Viv Costume Help page has links and information.  We carry 50’s style clothing, dresses, fabric and felt circle skirts in solid colors, solid color scarves and white shirts. Plus – if you’re doing a show, let me know.  We love to tweet and promote shows for schools, churches and local theaters.

Happy Holiday Shows Everyone ! 

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