Celebrate a Special Day or Birthday with a “50s” Party

Celebrate a Special Day or Birthday with a “50s”  Party
Know someone turning the big 5-O?  Or looking for a fun way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary – Try throwing a 50s style party.  The outfits are fun, the music is swinging and you can even  play party games. Your guests will enjoy the nostalgic feeling of the 50’s as they swing down memory lane. I’ve compiled a list of resource sites to make your “Back to the 50s” party lively fun.
Every party needs music and this list of popular songs from the 50’s will inspire you.   100 Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs of the ’50s  Try asking everyone to bring their old records and you’ll have an old fashioned  “Platter Party”  Tunein.com is radio like it used to be and has links to internet radio stations from around the world playing all the music you love from the 50’s.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with special treats.  You can set up a soda fountain theme make your own Sundae Bar with a variety of ice cream and toppings or stock up on 50’s era favorites like Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, Candy Necklaces, Chuckles, Zagnut Bars, Pay Day or Charleston Chews from Oldtimecandy.com  Here’s a video with inspiration for making a custom 50s theme cake.
Let’s have fun with party games!  Dance contests are a lively way to get things started.  See who can do the best Hand Jive  or play “Freeze! “  Everyone starts dancing and when the music stops – you freeze in place.  You move and you’re out.  Trivia games are fun and can be about popular movies, TV or fads of the 50’s and played in teams or as singles. There’s always karaoke or try playing a popular song then stopping it in the middle to see who can finish it.   If you want to have some silly fun set up a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game or organize relay races with an egg and spoon or balloons held between the knees.  Here’s an eHow site that has more 50s game ideas and instructions on how to play
Hope this gives you inspiration and if you have any ideas or sites that you like – please let me know.  50s parties are fun and I enjoy hearing about your experiences.
“Have fun and keep rockin’ the 50’s ! “   Viv at Hey Viv !

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