Pop Beads – Rainbow Fun

Remember Pop Beads ?  They were also called Pop It Beads or Snap Beads. You “pop” the beads together  to make a necklace & matching bracelet, then you pull it all apart and start all over again. I had them as a kid  and had such fun with them, especially making them together with my girlfriends.

Pop beads were popular in the 50’s, often in pearl or pastel colors. They were introduced as a novelty but quickly caught on as a fashion trend.  “Pop beads were made from polyethene and other soft plastics, and by 1956, 40,000 pounds of resin was used every month to produce them.”
 from  1950s Pop-It Beads | eHow.com

People are surprised that we carry Pop Beads.  (Yes, manufacturers still make them 🙂  They’re fun to play with and wear.  People have told us they not only wear the Pop Beads but also use them as decoration, as cat collars, as party favors and for science fair exhibits. Please post a comment if you have another use for them – I’d love to hear it.

These beads are a colorful accessory to add to any vintage or fashion look.  Go ahead – pop some together and have a little fun with your jewelry!

Hey Viv ! Rockin’ 50’s Retro Clothing —  from Sock Hop to Swing !


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