Monkey Girlz – Staten Island Vintage Clothing Boutique

AngeLee and Viv at Monkey Girlz Treasures in Staten Island
     I recently paid a visit to “Monkey Girlz Treasures ” a wonderful vintage and unique apparel store  located on Staten Island. From the moment I walked in I felt that delicious tingle – I was surrounded by  shoes, racks of clothing and yes, oh yes ! beautiful hats !  I couldn’t wait to start shopping.

AngeLee, the owner of Monkey Girlz,  has a passion for fashion and shopping.  She keeps an eclectic and ever changing selection of vintage and designer clothing through buying and taking consignment. “We get different things all the time.  I believe in letting someone else getting use out of your pre-loved item, Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Purpose”    The store has a wonderful array of stuff that make you want to dive in yet it’s neat and well arranged. Shoppers chat, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and there’s a large dressing room. 

Angel also hosts occasional art show events. You can check out the Facebook page for their artist feature. “We host a local artist, photographer or poets once every two months.  The artist gets to exhibit or share some of his/her works with the community. Please stop by one of our events or if you are interested in sharing your work please contact Monkey Girlz.”

Patrick Smith – featured artist at Monkey Girlz

   Monkey Girlz was established 5 years ago when Angel started hosting private jewelry/accessories parties for bridal showers, birthday’s, private fund raiser’s  mother’s day, and other special holidays.  She opened the location on Manor Road about 1 year ago.   The store’s unique name comes from the name she used to call her daughter as an infant.

Monkey Girlz carries an assortment of jewelry,  selection of apparel, women’s accessories, men’s clothing, men’s hat’s, limited selection of small furniture, vintage hats, clothing, gloves, cigarette cases, purses, furs, and glassware.  They have a wide range of affordable items for sale as well. They seem to have considered every person’s taste and style: modern, classic, funky, hipster and of course vintage.

AngeLee says she loves to sell vintage hats, hand bags and vintage jewelry. She loves everything vintage! “Everything old was made so perfectly and they paid attention to detail.”  She has been collecting and wearing vintage clothing since she was 12 years old and has always been into fashion.  She says, “I wanted to share my finds with other people, I always have people in the street asking where did i get something I was wearing. So Monkey Girlz began in my home with custom made jewelry and just grew from there.”

  “Monkey Girlz is THE accessible vintage haven if you like retro stuff, bargains and totally unique items.” Jen M (on yelp) 

Monkey Girlz: “Live Love Laugh & Shop”

Monkey Girlz Treasure, 565 Manor Rd, Staten Island , NY 10314
Hours: mon-thurs. 10:30am-6:30pm, fri. & sat 10:30am-7pm

 718-981-0706    Email:


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