Lost in the 50’s in Sandpoint Idaho – Rock til You Drop!

Sandpoint’s 27th annual “Lost in the 50’s” Celebration – Legendary Party of the Year is right around the corner! 

May 17th, 18th, 19th, & 20th 2012 come to Sandpoint Idaho for a real 1950’s party with Rocky and the Rollers, the Tokens, the Reflections and a little bit of Elvis.  

With Live Music, Street Dancing, and Vintage Cars, Being “Lost in the 50’s” is fun for the whole family!  “Come to Sandpoint’s “Lost in the 50’s” Celebration and share the weekend  with Friends and Family… We’ll crank up the Music and Put out the Red Carpet  and leave a little room on the dance floor….

If you plan on going to “Lost in the 50’s” this year get something fun to wear at Hey Viv! Rockin’ 50’s Retro Vintage and Costume.

Hey Viv Poodle Skirt at www.HeyViv.com

Poodle skirts  and crinolines  are great for dancing to the jukebox and Doo Wop grooves.

Hey Viv ! has a special offer for anyone going to “Lost in the 50’s” at Sandpoint.   Find out how to get your Hey Viv “Lost in the 50’s” coupon at bit.ly/BackToThe50s

Get ready for Another Year of Great Doo Wop Music that promises to be a Weekend full of fun!

Hey Viv say’s “Keep On Rockin’  the 50’s!”

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