Comic Hero’s We Admire…IN SPACE

One of things I enjoyed most as a child was reading comic books. Comics allow the reader to become fully engrossed in the world of the creator, by providing both entertaining and interesting visuals in combination with dialogue. Comics can also provide an alternate story line of other forms of entertainment. Some specific vintage comics I enjoyed growing up (and still enjoy) are Star Trek and Supergirl comics. (Oh I love the outfit!) 

I started my search on Bonanza to see if they had a selection of Vintage Supergirl Adventure Comics   I enjoy the Supergirl comics because of their alternative perspective on fighting crime. Yes, girls are strong, smart and have super powers – plus she looks fabulous in tights!

When I checked for Star Trek Comics on Bonanza, I stumbled upon a DC Star Trek No. 1 First Issue Vintage Comic . Star Trek comics are great because they offer any Star Trek, or ‘Trekkie’ a completely new story line to become familiar with. As the comic says, “The Adventure Begins Anew!” is a interesting website where you can look up any information about almost any comic! You can even search by character in a particular series, such as my favorite character, Spock from Star Trek.


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