Hey Viv’s Poodle Skirts and 50s Costumes at Every Thing Goes Thrift Store!

I’m happy our Hey Viv 50s retro costumes are now available locally at Every Thing Goes Clothing store. ETG is fun shopping with lots of wonderful, colorful clothes to choose from.
– Viv at Hey Viv!

Now at Every Thing Goes Clothing store, a favorite Staten Island thrift gem, Hey Viv’s 50s retro crinolines and poodle skirts will be on sale for you to try on and create your best 50s look this Halloween. Hey Viv’s 50s style tops, belts, and scarves will also be available so you can complete the 50s poodle girl style, or accessorize your retro look or Halloween costume.

ETG Clothing store has 3 floors of thrift and vintage clothing, where something can be found for almost everyone. Known for it’s unique finds and low prices, ETG is a neighborhood favorite of Staten Island residents, and thrifty fashionistas from all over NYC. The bottom floor is open throughout October and filled to the brim with great costume pieces. Other times during the year, the coveted bottom floor is available for viewing by appointment only, so take the opportunity to have a look in the coming month.

Peggy of ETG (right) with Hey Viv!

Visit Every Thing Goes to see Hey Viv’s poodle skirts and 50s wear, as well as tons of unique vintage and good quality thrift clothing. To view their website for more info and some pictures of some of the great finds ETG has to offer, Click Here .

Every Thing Goes Clothing Store (also known as ETG Clothing)
140 Bay Street, Staten Island
Tuesday through Saturday 10:30am to 6:30pm
Located close to the Staten Island Ferry, convenient for Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens shoppers.

Keep Rockin’ the 50s!


One thought on “Hey Viv’s Poodle Skirts and 50s Costumes at Every Thing Goes Thrift Store!

  1. It has amazed me how the 50s costumes and in particular the poodle skirt is still such a big part of halloween costumes and even bigger than that it seems like schools and groups continue to use the poodle skirt for performance and other things. It continues to amaze me how that era continues to impact times now. Good stuff.


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