Hey Viv Visits Ira Kabalkin at Ira’s Curiosity Shop on Van Duzer Days

Ira’s Curiosity Shop, a Staten Island staple, and treasure trove for antique hunters.

I met Ira Kabalkin first in Port Richmond when I opened my store in 1986. He was kind enough to stop by my store back then, and offer me support and advice, as well as introduce me to other dealers in the Staten Island antique and vintage scene.

He’s been in the antiques business here on Staten Island for well over 30 years. He first started out on Bay St., and now can be found on Van Duzer St, an eclectic stretch of street located just a short walk from St. George in Staten Island’s up and coming North Shore.

He finds that small collectibles always sell, and if you are looking for a unique antique gift or just a little something for yourself you will definitely find it at Ira’s. His store is a whimsical blend of Victorian furniture, eclectic collectibles, and magical flea market finds. He says about his own store: “50% is oddball and 50% is weird.” Ira is always surprised by what people want to buy or collect– “Stuff that I think is weird, is someone else’s collectible.” Ain’t it the truth!

Ira welcomes customers and encourages them to browse. There is a lot to look at, and he lets you take your time and inspect the many fascinating items in his shop. He is known to say “If you find something you can’t live without… call me.

Here are some pictures of my most recent visit to Ira’s. I was so happy to find that great vintage purse! I always walk away from Ira’s with something I love, for a great price.

Ira and I

View the yelp page for Ira’s Curiosity Shop Here .

Visit Ira’s Curiosities at:

389 Van Duzer Street

Staten Island, NY


(718) 815-0376

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