My day in the spotlight! Hey Viv! Gets a photo shoot by Kimbra Eberly.

Last weekend I had a great time doing something a little bit out of the ordinary. I had won a photo shoot session with Kimbra Eberly in an auction and it was the perfect opportunity to get some new pictures done to use for online networking sites and on my vintage and retro costume site Hey Viv! Kimbra is an artist, photographer, filmmaker and producer of “The Directors Chair TV” and “The Directors Chair TV Island Arts Expo“, so I knew I would be in good hands.

I must admit I was a little nervous as I got my various costumes together and made my way to the shoot. Thankfully Delia Vassar Semanchik came with me to be my assistant, makeup artist, and wardrobe manager! She did a great job.

My first impressions upon walking into Kimbra’s studio were filled with big backdrops, mirrors, lots of lights, and equipment. I always find the setup of photographer studios a bit intimidating at first, especially when I’m the one getting the photoshoot! Kimbra really made me feel comfortable as she showed me around the studio. My fears of knocking one thing over and the whole building falling down in suit slowly faded away in the distance 🙂

Delia started off with my makeup. I felt confident and was impressed that I didn’t feel overly made up, but instead enhanced. I really liked the apple pink lipstick that she picked out for me.

Then began the photo shoot — Kimbra got me warmed up by starting out with a few pictures of me in the a black and white check skirt and peter pan blouse. The check skirt is great, especially for events the warmer months because the top layer is a light and soft poly cotton, and it’s fluffed up with a built in crinoline. And when paired with the peter pan top, you are all set to have an authentic 50s look that’s great for stage and special occasions. As she adjusted the lighting, Kendra gave me advice on how to pose for the outfit, and she also coached me on moving and changing positions.

Once I really got the hang of it, I changed into a pink poodle skirt outfit, the

one I wanted to feature on the front page of my website. Pink poodle skirts look great on stage and have that 50s girly look most people are going for when dressing up as a poodle girl. Kimbra encouraged me to move around as she shot different angles, sometimes moving in for close ups, and pulling back for far away shots. She made sure to ask me questions as she was snapping the photos, about how I’d like to use them so she could be guided and make sure to highlight what I wanted to include.

Also shooting was Kenneth Graham. He kept working on the lighting and technical things, perfecting the exposures and doing multiple test shots so Kimbra could focus all of her attention on getting the shots right with me. They worked so well together. It was interesting watching how they conferred and worked together, but also had different ways of approaching the shots. Through all of this, I had my assistant for the day Delia, eagerly helping me with wardrobe changes and makeup touch-ups.

Kimbra had suggested that I bring vintage hats to use as props with the vintage outfits and we brought those out to take closeup shots of my reactions to the hats. I think by this point we started to get a little silly from the lights and all the rustling around, and at one point, I kissed a hat! (I do love my hats!)

Overall impressions – nervous in beginning but felt confidence as we warmed up and I saw how good the pics were coming out (Kimbra showed me in the camera) Liked seeing myself with all the jewelry and had fun changing accessories. I enjoyed my day in the spotlight, and Kimbra was so wonderful to work with.


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