Freckles and Get in Roanoke, Va. Vintage and Bubble tea!

After a fun morning shopping at Happy Flea Market in Roanoke Virgina I took a walk through the downtown market area near the
Taubman Museum and discovered Freckles, a fabulous vintage clothing store.

What is Freckles like? Here is a bit of info about this wonderful vintage store taken from their Facebook page:
“At Freckles, we love all things retro, handmade and unique. Whether you are looking for works by local artists, a fabulous 40’s cocktail dress or some custom painted shoes, Freckles promises to deliver.”
What could be better than that?

In the front area of the store, there is also a charming place called Get where you can get coffee, tea, and…. Bubble tea! Vintage + bubble tea? Obviously a match made in heaven!
Walk towards the back of Get and you will find yourself passing through a magical doorway into Freckles. Freckles is stocked with vintage hats, shirts, dresses and an eclectic mix of collectibles.

While perusing the colorful clusters of clothing, I came upon my new favorite accessory— a beautiful reversible cape with brick red on one side and a plaid pattern on the other.
Here’s me trying it on:

The prices were very reasonable, and I couldn’t help myself but to snatch up this great vintage piece right away.

Here is the owner Stephanie. She was very friendly and excited to talk about the new store which opened up a few months ago.

Freckles and Get are a nice addition to the Roanoke downtown art scene, and only a short distance away from great restaurants like Lucky, and my new favorite…. Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles! !

Next time you’re in Roanoke, pay Freckles and Get a visit, you are sure to have a great time and come out with some wonderful vintage treasures!

Happy Shopping!
Hey Viv

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