Creative Ideas for Using Vintage Pins to Update Your Wardrobe

Do you love collecting little sparklies? Vintage pins fulfill that need so well— many of them are low priced, and each one is wonderful and different. From the hilariously odd, to classic hollywood glam, to super fairy princess-like ornate, you can find a pin for every interest and personality. Pins are a great gift partially for this reason— you can pick a pin that is perfect for your loved one, and give that personal feel to a special gift.

Not only that, but pins are versatile and can be worn or used in a variety of creative ways. Like how, you ask? I have researched the ways for you, as well as added some of my personal tips and tricks. Enjoy this list, I hope you find it helpful!

Pin a vintage brooch to a stretchy fabric headband, for a beautiful hair accessory that will also help keep your locks in place. This look can be casual, kitschy, classy, or very dressy depending on what brooches you use. To make more of an impact, use more pins. Choose a complimentary color of headband for the pins you are using. If in doubt— black, or a color similar to your hair color will work almost every time.

Give a fresh look to your favorite hat, or a hat you never seem to feel like wearing by adding a vintage pin. You can also get more creative and pin things to the hat as well. Just pin the object on with your vintage brooch for a lovely ornate look. That’s what hat-makers often do! Here are some ideas – a velvet or satin bow, a bunch of feathers, a piece of furry fabric, a fabric or felt shape, or a small piece of fringed fabric the same width as your pin. Just attach it on at the top and let the fringe hang down.

A jewelry pin can turn into a beautiful and unique pendant, just slide it onto a plain silver or gold chain. Some pins even have a loop in the back just for this purpose. You can also use a piece of satin cord, tie a knot and then place the pin back through the knot. This helps to hold the pin in place.

Get a piece of fabric and use a pin to create an easy and gorgeous fabric wrist band. Just use your vintage brooch to pin the two open ends together so that they either overlap in a slight “x”, they bunch up gracefully, or meet in the middle. You can get more creative with this if you like by either choosing different kinds of fabrics — try strands of sheer, silky or gauzy fabric, or ornate brocades. Velvet would make a great statement as well. You could also braid the fabric together, and then secure the ends with a brooch. If you don’t want to deal with un-pinning the bracelet when you want to take it off– just use a stretchy gym cuff, or make sure you use stretchy fabric.

Think creatively about where you place your jewelry pin. Try it on your shoulder or waist to draw attention to a detail or drape. Take a long thin fabric strip, tie, or cord, and adorn it with a brooch for a fanciful and girly belt. Or why not wear matching pins on your cuff instead of cuff links or even as an extra sparkly accent. Jewelry pins are not just for lapels 🙂

There’s a world of collectible, fun pins out there. Use your imagination, experiment and create your own individual style. It’s fun to jazz your wardrobe up with a unique vintage pin!


4 thoughts on “Creative Ideas for Using Vintage Pins to Update Your Wardrobe

  1. Thanks! I love the feeling of discovering treasures like that… like you have stumbled upon a mystery or a snapshot of another time. Glad I could give you some ideas!

    ~Hey Viv!


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