Snow White vs.Rose Red – Looking forward to Valentines day + some gift help!

You might remember these two beautiful characters from your childhood fairy tales. Snow White was a quiet and shy girl who preferred to stay inside and read books, while Rose Red was cheerful and outgoing, and liked to play outside.

Recently I created an Etsy treasury based on this theme, titled “Snow White Vs. Rose Red – Winter fairy tales and Valentine’s day fantasies. Are you a Snow White…. or a Rose Red?”

To celebrate these two fairytale girls, I thought I’d share a few Valentine’s day gift ideas inspired by this theme:
Here is a snow white Oyster Shell Barette by barnaclebeth on Etsy. I love the snow filled fairytale locks, and romantic sea-theme. Snow White would definitely approve!
A bouquet of 6 red satin fabric roses by RoseInteriors on Etsy will never fade. They fill any room with a lush fantasy of flowers.
Perhaps you could get your darling his/her favorite fairy tale story for the holiday! What a unique and cute gift. Snow White and Rose Red story book by MoreLooseEnds on Etsy
Maybe they would like to be surprised with their own personal handmade troll doll Cloth Art Doll by ToadstoolsNTreestump on Etsy.
And don’t forget to bewitch your date in this Rose Red vintage dress in my HeyViv Etsy store.
Happy searching and hope you find your inner “Rose”

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