Rich Ruby Red for the Holidays

The holidays are coming. Time to bring out the good cheer and time to don your merry cozy sweater and red and white Santa hat.

Why are we so attracted to red in the winter and at the holidays? Red is a strong color, it can be deep and dark or shimmery bright and reflective. It’s festive and perfect for party dresses and attracts attention like red lights blinking on a Christmas tree. And, of course, the color red pops! when paired with green like lustrous red holly berries nestled in prickly holly leaves.


Red is warm – think red flannel pajamas, crimson tights, cherry knee socks and a warm rosy cardigan. Santa drinking warm cocoa on a cold night is dressed head to toe in red with cozy white trim.

Red is delicious too. Drink deep the red red wine, crunch a ruby red apple and delve into the mystery of the sweet and tart pomegranate. Spice your life with hot red pepper, sweet strawberries and cherries.

This time of year, I dream of dressing in a red circle skirt and green cardigan with cute boots but won’t I look too much like an elf? It may possible to overdo the red and green motif but red is everywhere keeping us warm and bright this winter.

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