Fall is here and so is the chilly weather!

How to keep warm and stay fashionable on a blustery day? A vintage scarf could be the answer for you!

Vintage scarves are great things to have. Why?
– They can be folded up small, so they won’t take up lots of space.
– They feel luxurious.
– They can bring an outfit together with a nice bit of color for a signature look.
– They are collectible and each one is unique.

Wear them in many different ways: as a head wrap, sash, pony tail tie, or bandanna. Larger scarves can even be worn as sarongs or halter tops in warm weather.

For great vintage scarves, you have to look no further than The Vintage Scarf.
The Vintage Scarf website is easy to use and has many pretty women’s scarves and other small accessories to choose from.

My favorite was this vintage pink and black floral neck scarf. The long and thin shape makes it great for multi-purposing, and the pattern would look lovely with a mod style a line vintage dress.

This vintage scarf can be found on my Etsy site: HeyViv on Etsy.
The sheer style makes many pretty colors when the shades of pea green, hot pink, and blue overlap. A great choice for those looking to add a touch of psychedelia to their look.

Good luck on finding the scarf of your dreams! And get ready for Old Man Winter…

Hey Viv!

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