Elvis and Hey Viv !

I met Elvis at Liedy’s South Shore Inn on Staten Island last night…… Glittering jumpsuit, Las Vegas “the concert years” Elvis. Singing his heart out, showing the love Elvis….. Gregg Peters as Elvis. He looks and sounds like Elvis and for one enchanted evening I was carried away by the sound of his voice and “Love me Tender”

“Elvis and Viv”

Mr Peters has been performing as Elvis for over 32 years, over 10,000 performances by his calculation. It’s a family affair with son JJ Burton on guitar and mom singing duets as “Miss Marie”. Mr Peters is from Astoria Queens, has studied music and voice and has always been drawn to Elvis. “I fell in love with Elvis’ music. I loved all of his films,” he said. “The way he looked, his style.” Elvis is a natural at Liedy’s, a popular, local Staten Island bar that is know for its funky music scene. The packed audience enthusiastically applauded the hits, sang along and cheered for Elvis. Mr Peters/Elvis worked the room, grasped hands, hugged and even let me kiss him on the cheek.

Elvis with Larry Liedy, owner of the Shore Inn. Mr Liedy is a popular singer and often appears on stage at the Shore Inn.

In the spirit of Elvis, who was known for his generosity, Mr Peters includes a fundraiser for a local charity in all his shows. These include support for the Red Cross and St Judes Foundation among others.

We had a wonderful time singing along and dancing. Thanks to all the lovely people at Liedy’s and thanks to Mr Peters who shares the love of Elvis where ever he goes.


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