Retro Teen Beach Party Movies – Re create the Fashion and Learn some Fun Facts!

This is a snapshot of my Etsy Treasury. Clicking it will take you there!
Highlights include: whimsicalvintage’s Hawaiian wood pitcher set, Tiki for Two his-n-hers matching dress and shirt by fabgabs, VanishingAmerica’s authentic Tiki Motif acoustic guitar, and the Men’s Red and White Terry Swim Jacket by ScarletCircus.

Bask in the summer glow and have some fun – but don’t fall in the soup!

This week’s theme is all about Beach Party Movies! Have you ever seen one?

Beach Party movies were popular in the 50s and 60s and were famous for their kitschy humor, summery fun music, and air of teenage rebellion. Most of the actors played independent, fun loving teenagers, even though they were really in their 20s. They were free to do whatever they want and live on their own terms in summer houses along the beach.

If you’ve never seen a beach party movie, try checking out “Gidget” or the 1963 hit “Beach Party” (said to have started the trend).

Beach Party movies inspired a fashion trend – Tiki Prints, Pendleton shirts, halter tops, white, tight, somewhat short Levis, sandles, and a light sprinkling of humor and mod fashion created the 50s surfer look.
Check out My Beach Party Movie inspired Treasury
on Etsy to help you re-create this great retro look!

Surfer Lingo:
kooks and gremlins– beginners, the poorly skilled, or phonies
bunnies– girls going over the falls-being caught in a breaking wave
woodie– station wagon with wooden sides
Ho-Daddy– an intruding wise guy
soup– foaming water near the beach
big guns– surfboards designed for riding tall waves
hot-doggers– surfers and hot-dogging-performing tricks
*Lingo info from:

I end this blog post with the sweet sounds of Dick Dale and the Del Tones!

Surfs Up!
Hey Viv!


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