Have you heard about Polyvore? One word: Addicting.

I’ve been seeing these pretty collage things everywhere! What are they? How are people popping them out so fast, and so beautifully? One day, I stumbled upon the origin –and it is magnificent : Polyvore.com !

Polyvore is not only a fun way to share your personal style and taste, but it is actually great for promotion, and for showing how your items can be incorporated into a whole style image. Polyvore sets can be created for fashion, interior design, or even just conceptual artistic images. The best part is—- each picture links back to the original page where it was “clipped from” (with the easy to install Polyvore toolbar thing). So if someone likes your soy candle, or bracelet, or silk screened t shirt, (etc), they can go directly to the page and buy the item. Hovering and clicking on the item in the “set” will show a description, price, title, and a link to related items.

Items can be added to the site once you install the “Clip to Polyvore” tool. I had a little trouble finding it at first, so I thought I’d give you the link. It can be found here: Polyvore Clipper Tutorial Page
On the page are instructions…. basically *all* you do is drag the link onto your toolbar. The end! 🙂

As you are browsing through websites, once you see an item you would like to add to your set, just click the “Clip to Polyvore” tool on your toolbar, and then click on the item you want to upload. A box will pop up allowing you to title the item whatever you wish, and add in seemingly unlimited tags for the item.

Unfortunately some sites have blocked Polyvore from working. So items can not be uploaded directly from Etsy. 😦 I hate that because I really think it could be a great promotion tool for us Etsians!

Here is the second of my first two Polyvore sets– a group I’m making called “Walk in the City” (the other is at the beginning of this post)
It incorporates items from my Hey Viv! store, and shows you one way they can be incorporated into a whole outfit for rainy April days! 🙂

Hope this got you inspired!

~Hey Viv!

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