Vintage Green – Emerald locks and Ivy Skirts

With our anticipation building of the coming of spring peeking over the horizon, and jolly St. Patrick’s day, it seems that we all have a little green on the brain. Here is a collection of fanciful vintage delights I would like to share with you, to say goodbye to winter and welcome the bright green warmer months! Is the vintage really greener? That’s for you to decide 😉

Please don’t tell why his hair turned green!

The Boy with Green Hair is possibly the first of it’s kind of idealism to emerge in mass culture. Made in 1946 by Dore Sharey, this little known movie featured the song “Nature Boy” and was later referenced in Moulin Rouge in 2001. The Boy, played by Dean Stockwell (of Quantum Leap fame). Featuring some amazing Irish actors as well, this is a great film to watch with your family this St. Patrick’s day!

Now, for some Emerald-themed Etsy finds to celebrate the holiday and this wonderful film:

Vintage Dark Green Cardigan by ishkaruba on Etsy

Vintage Hunter Green 80s Suede Boots by badbabyvintage on Etsy

Vintage Handmade Unicorn Needlepoint by CinfulOldies on Etsy

1940s Apple Green Carved Celluloid Bracelet by vintagefabulous on Etsy

Emerald Green 1930s Coat with Luxurious Mouton Fur Collar by HeyViv on Etsy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, vintage lovers!

~Hey Viv!

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