Vintage buttons, learn all about them, and how to sew them on.

Buttons- the seemingly miscellaneous category of vintage…

One day, I was listing some vintage buttons in my new Etsy store calledHey Viv ! Discovered, when I realized, I actually don’t know what to call these things! There is actually tons of information on buttons…. there is in fact, an entire vintage button culture that is quite fascinating and not to be overlooked.

If you collect vintage clothing, or like to repair and create your own clothes, you very well might have a jar of buttons of all types, somewhere in your home. Buttons are not only an essential item to have a stock of if you buy or sell vintage clothing, they can be highly collectible, and great for arts and crafts as well!

I thought I would share some of my research with you:

Amazing Button Dictionary
This is a great resource with tons of information to help in identifying vintage buttons. It will also help you find the right keywords. I have it bookmarked! 🙂

This vintage button article, written by Sarah Mandel, says to consider how the item will be cleaned before choose your sewing method. Some people like to show off their vintage buttons on decorations, crafts, or art. These items will probably not need to be washed often (or ever), so you can sew the button on more securely.

On clothing, you may want to remove the buttons before cleaning if they are particularly special or delicate. Certain kinds of buttons (like leather,celluloid, and synthetic or real pearl) can be damaged when exposed to the chemical processes of dry cleaning.

Please visit the article, for some great advice for sewing on buttons, and more 🙂

I hope this helped get you started on being a vintage button connoisseur!

Hey Viv!


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