Split seam in your vintage dress? Hey Viv helps you to fix it:

Maintaining and repairing vintage clothing is not as hard as it seems! All you need to know are a few basic stitches, and have a few everyday supplies at the ready.
There are of course, more advanced techniques and processes, but it’s important to know the basics first, before moving forward.

Here are the essentials:
– Small cuticle scissors (preferably with a curved tip)
– Sharp fabric scissors – these will make clean cuts, and help to keep certain fabrics from fraying on the ends.
– Needles of various sizes
– Thin thread to match the stitches in your garment

You may need:
Push pins (to help hold fabric in place while you sew)
A thimble (If you’re like me, you stick yourself constantly! hehe)
Waxed Floss – This is my personal sewing trick. When you have to sew a very tough seam that keeps splitting, or when you’re sewing thick fabric (like jeans), waxed floss is amazing! It will never split or loosen. You will be able to see the stitches quite a bit, so this only works for areas that aren’t visible, or if you like the look of very noticeable stitches.
—— It also works great for sewing patches over holes, decorative patches and appliqués, buttons, stuffed animals and crafts, and sewing fur additions onto clothing.

There are three basic stitches that you must know:
The Back Stitch
The Running Stitch
The Invisible Slip Stitch

For a more in depth explanation of these stitches, go to this website, and stop by again later for my next article on vintage care techniques!

Happy sewing!
~ Hey Viv !

Hey Viv ! Fix It Kit for vintage clothing

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