Hey Viv ! Let’s Dress Up !

Hey Viv ! Let’s Dress Up !

Hey Viv ! has just added a new COSTUME HELP SECTION at www.heyviv.com/. It’s called “Put a Look Together.” Each section displays items hand picked by Viv to help you create a great vintage look. And it’s not just for costumes, each item can be dressed up or down, to transition into casual or nightwear as well.

Here’s what you’ll find:
50s Housewife Style – Here’s how to look like you’re fresh out of the kitchen and ready to host a dinner party – June Cleaver style in Shirtwaist day dresses, aprons and circle pins.

Campus Coed Style – Here’s how to look ready for school – Campus Coed style in Skirts, tops & circle pins
Happy Waitress Style – We need another cup a joe here ! Happy Waitress style in Uniform dresses, capris and aprons
“Put a Look Together” will make it easier to shop for a particular vintage style or outfit. Like this one:

+ + = 50’s Houswife

Have fun shopping at Hey Viv !

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