Who’s Talking About Vintage? Great Resources With Vintage Know-How and Know What!

When dealing with vintage clothing, we often are
confonted with some amount of debate. Sometimes it is
hard to tell what era a piece of vintage is from, and this
is often confused by people who sell faux vintage as the
real thing, or list items under the wrong decade because
a certain decade is in fashion at the time.

It’s true that even the most clever of us vintage lovers,
collectors, and sellers get stumped once in a while.
Learning and collecting vintage is like any other craft–
you can dabble in it and appreciate it in your own way,
or spend a lifetime learning, collecting, and teaching.

Since the theme this week is “Who’s talking about
vintage?” I thought I’d share with you some great
vintage online vintage resources and guides.

Weather you are just getting into vintage now, or are a seasoned
vintage fanatic– these sites offer useful, unique, and
accurate information. It’s always great to learn!

” A vintage purist will tell you that anything within the
past 15 years should be referred to as contemporary. I
have to agree.”

You can’t ask for more. This online vintage guide has
information on almost anything you may need to know
about vintage. The most widely accepted information, in
an easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to
navigate format.
* A vintage lace guide, with pictures,
*1950s fashion guide from daywear to evening wear and
much more

*Realistic help with all angles of selling vintage online,
including shipping.

main site:

Amber Kloss: How to Repair Vintage Clothing
Her many ehow videos are very informative, and part of
a series “Creating a Vintage Look”

*Includes tips on vintage eyeshadow
*teaches how to spot vintage in a thrift store
*How to dress for vintage photos

The Vintage Fashion Guild
This site features a great section of “Tips & Tricks” with
quick facts on many different vintage collecting
essentials that will definitely come in handy, especially
with dating your items. It is also a great place where
you can communicate with other informed vintage
lovers. You are not alone! 🙂

Highlights (hard to pick, as there are so many
worthwhile pages on this site)
* “Ask Ms. Vintage” section where you can read vintage
themed letters and questions, and even submit some of
your own questions.

*Great, informative, populated forums

I hope you find these links of use! Happy Vintage
Hey Viv!

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