Hey Viv! Learns about using web 2.0 to benefit online vintage clothing business at the yearly Women’s Business Conference.

Are you the 21st Century Business Woman?

5th Annual 21st Century Business Woman Conference of Thursday September 10th, 2009

On September 10th Vivian Vassar, owner of Hey Viv! and I (I’m Amanda Curtis – in charge of web marketing at Hey Viv ! ) attended the 5th annual 21st Century Business Woman Conference in Staten Island, New York, sponsored by the WBCLDC. The keynote presenter was Sue Urda, co-founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network. Many great speakers were there to share their advice and tried and true techniques, as well as new advancements in modern small business marketing. Vivian Vassar was there to share advice, along with Julie Laudicina, Rose Duffy ( RoseInteriors.com) and
Susan Fowler ( Fast-Consulting.com )

Vivian Vassar at the 21st Century Business Woman Conference Amanda Curtis at the 21st Century Business Woman Conference

Vivian Vassar “Hey Viv ! ” and Amanda Curtis the “Duchess of Widgets and Apps”

It was a beautiful day, with an undeniable end of summer chill. Vivian Vassar and I entered the Sheraton Hotel dressed in 40s and 50s vintage attire, with pens and notepads in hand. Viv unveiled one of her most beautiful hats for the meeting– a vibrant pheasant feathered cap in autumn colors. After enjoying a hearty breakfast and joining in the pledge of allegiance, I made my way to the conference room where Vivian and fellow SI Internet Group members were sharing their vital online marketing knowledge.

Rose Duffy was the first speaker. She talked about how writing articles online has helped her interior design business, and improved the visibility of her website. All around the room you could hear “Ohh!” and “I never thought of that!”. Because of the articles she has written, her name is one of the first that show up during Google searches for window treatments. Writing online articles not only is a great way to improve your visibility, but it also allows you to share the knowledge of your special service or craft with others (you‘ll be surprised how much they will appreciate it!). Hearing about what she has learned and how much it has improved her business was very inspiring and helpful to me, as well as everyone else in the room.

21st Century Business Woman Conference

Susan Fowler sharing her web 2.0 marketing and security knowledge

Susan Fowler of Fast-Consulting spoke about how to run your business online in a safe and secure way. She taught us what websites to stay away from, and what precautions to take if you run your online business from home. One great bit of advice she had to share was that Facebook apps can also carry viruses. Now that marketing on Facebook has become important, I thought this was a very useful thing to know, and be wary of.

Vivian Vassar had many great things to say about the Internet Group she is a part of, and how far they have come as a whole. In the beginning, many of them were struggling with the various social networking sites, and the different style of marketing that is currently advantageous. For many of them, it was hard to understand that having a Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook account could greatly help their businesses, especially knowing that these are sites their kids often drown much of their time on, for entertainment. Together, and with the help of many of the great speakers that have come to their monthly meetings, they have learned to implement these sites in their daily networking and advertising tasks. Sometimes juggling all of these things can be quite mind-boggling and time consuming, so Vivian suggested that we keep a spreadsheet of the social networking sites we are located on, and figure out how many times a week each one needs to be visited. Check off the sites that you visit each week, and only visit/post to each one the number of times you have specified on the spreadsheet. This will keep you from getting distracted and spending too much time on each one, and also remind you of where you are on the web, so you won’t forget to maintain any of them. If you are near Staten Island, NY and would like to join this informative and collaborative group, or if you would like to be a speaker, information can be found here about meetings.

21st Century Business Woman Conference

21st Century Business Women!

From left: Julie Laudicina, JoAnn Regan, Vivian Vassar and Rose Duffy

Our day at the 21st century business woman conference came to a close in a beautiful dining hall overlooking a Japanese garden. We sat in front of floor to ceiling waterfalls that glistened and enchanted us with the sounds of bubbling and splashing water. Keynote speaker Sue Urda gave us her message of positive thinking, and how it not only improves our business, but our lives as a whole. She urged us to “trust your gut” in ventures, that doing so not only often leads to a correct decision, it also leads you to not regret your decision afterwards. All of us received a copy of her book “Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude: 100 Transformational Days to Create a Life of Joy, Grace and Ease” and an inspirational stone. The lavender book and crisp white setting seemed to me the perfect colors for the 21st century business woman: organized, feminine, yet powerful in a truly unique way.

More information about the WBCLDC can be found here:


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