Coordinating your various online shops! A task indeed, but not as hard as you think.

For some of us, having just one online store is enough to display everything, but for those who sell different types of things, or who are just experimenting, having multiple online stores is a necessity. How can the stores be coordinated, so that traffic flows as equally as possible throughout?

As some of you may know, I specialize in vintage clothing, vintage hats, and also 50s costume items like poodle skirts and wigs. I sell my items in four locations online:
Hey Viv 50s Poodle Skirts
Hey Viv at Etsy

Here is why I have four different online stores, instead of combining everything on my one main store.
* Different sites work for different people
* Different people are interested in different styles of things.
* Experimenting with different websites helps you find your specific buyers, and possibly new formats that might work better for you.
* Some websites may not allow your items.
* The more sites you have with your name attached, the more someone is likely to come across it, and maybe recognize you!

So, how can these be coordinated? The first thing to do, is make sure your sites link to one another. This can get tricky especially with sites like Etsy where it may hurt your reputation or seem rude to link to another site that sells non hand made items. Use your judgement in these situations, or kindly ask the advice of people in the forums. If you sell cup cakes, it may be too much of a stretch to link to your vintage car part site.

BUT! If your cup cake website has a vintage diner theme, or something similar, it would be more feasible to link to the vintage car part site, since those images often go hand and hand. There are ways to bridge the gap between seemingly non-related items. Bridging the gap between stores visually not only allows you to feasibly link to your other stores, but it also makes you more recognizable to your buyers, giving a sort of “look” with the name.

Make sure with each item you ship out, you include a paper that has links to your other stores, and possibly short descriptions of each. Another option is to include a coupon with the order that can be used in your multiple stores.

Lastly, updates of your store listings in a blog will help greatly. If you would rather have separate blogs for each store, just make sure you add links or widgets for the other stores on each one!

You will be a pro coordinator in no time! 🙂

Any other suggestions?

~Hey Viv!


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