Sweater Clips, the Underestimated Accessory

Searching through your local vintage shop, or perhaps perusing online, you come across a pretty piece of jewelry that at first, appears to be some sort of necklace, or earring set. Upon closer inspection, you see that it is two pin-like ornate buttons, attached by a short chain. What on earth could this be for? Why it’s a sweater clip, of course!

Vintage sweater clips (or “sweater chains” OR “sweater guards” ) are one of the most underestimated accessories. Originally they were meant as an accessory for draping your sweater over your shoulders. The clip fastened onto the sweater
, preventing it from falling off, and providing a more elegant look (rather than knotting the arms)

Even if you aren’t a retro fashion enthusiast, you can still fit this extremely versatile object into your daily wardrobe.

Here is a sweater clip being worn as an interesting pin.

To mix it up, try wearing many at once in complimentary colors or designs.

Sweater guards look great when paired with other vintage pins. Especially on a hat! :]

This can also work with a pretty head wrap, or a fascinator.

Snap onto your shoe, for a funky, fantastical, or bohemian look.
If you don’t want the sweater chain bouncing around when you walk, wear it clipped onto tall boots, or you can even twist it into your shoelaces.

Happy shopping!

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