New Store Alert! Hey Viv!’s poodle skirts and 50s fun on Bonanzle.

Hey Viv! has just plunked down her crinolines in a new online store —- Bonanzle! Never heard of it? It’s a promising new site that functions much like a combination of Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon.

Visit my “booth ” and you will find a rainbow of poodle skirts, bouffant wigs, twinkling cat eye glasses, and bubbly crinolines to give your costumes and vintage clothing some fluff. Also keep an eye out for cinch belts, bright 50s costume jewlery, and more.

And if you have a question, feel free to speak up– each Bonanzle booth has it’s own chat room, where you can speak with other shoppers, and directly to the seller. Hooray for instant answers! 🙂

Hey Viv !

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