1950s Blouse Style: from Sweet Girly to Curvy

How did the style of the 1950s blouse evolve? …Let’s peek back and see.
In the war era of the late 1940s, most women wore bland colors, usually in the form of a pencil skirt with a lighter blouse.
Times were hard, food and goods were rationed, ‘Make do and mend’ was one of the taglines of the 1940s — so you can imagine people were not in the mood for tons of fun and fashion expirementation. When the war came to a close in 1945, the boys came home, and rock & roll emerged. Young girls started looking for more active, exciting and stylish options (that were still pleasing to their parents), while women started wearing more comfortable outfits that were functional both in and out of the home.

a blouse in 50s style

a 1950s house dress

1950s blouses were simple and feminine, with a dash of rock & roll and a touch of diner nostalgia. Most blouses were conservative but stylish, often in white, pink, or black. Some daring outfits like tight pants with heels and short jackets were not looked highly upon, but generally accepted. 50s style for women is exemplified by the idea that after the tough 40s, women wanted to feel better about themselves, look more feminine, and show that they could have fun. (that’s where the infatuation with poodles and such things came into play)

Types of 50s blouses include the peter pan blouse, peasant/gypsy top, and sheer nylon blouse. All of these were seen in both daywear and evening form.

What’s your favorite 50s blouse? :]

This one is intense. Not only does it have a great 50s pea green pattern, but it also flaunts a checkered trim around the neck and arms.

~Hey Viv


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