Let’s go to the hop! What is a chalypso? Hey Viv! Informs

“You can rock it you can roll it
Do the bop and even stroll it
At the hop
When the record starts spinnin’
You chalypso and you chicken at the hop
Do the dance sensation that is sweepin’ the nation
at the hop”

What on earth is a chalypso? Apparently people in the 50’s were confused as well. In 1957 something happened called “The Calypso Craze of 1957.” Although the dance was not instantly attractive to American teenagers of that time, it did eventually catch on later, after the Craze was over in 1958. (I guess after the adults were done with it, it was available to become “cool” ;P). The chalypso was a short lived sensational dance that became popular during this time. Like a a baby explosion inside of a big mama explosion. It was developed by the dancers on the popular show, American Bandstand.

Here is a simple math equation:

Cha Cha Cha + Calypso = CHALYPSO 🙂



The Chalypso was short lived, as a new dance called The Twist enticed the nation. Thankfully the song was immortalized in the very song I have quoted above called “At the Hop” by Danny and the Junior’s.

People Dancing the Chalypso at Gypsy Camp North (2007)

To listen to some great chalypso music, check out:
Ike Turner – Chalypso Love Cry
Denny and the LPs – Slide Cha-lypso
The Chandellors – Chalypso Train
Marsha Renay – Our Cha-lypso of Love
Bob Kelly – South Sea Chalypso
The Emanons – Chalypso Bob
Eddie Bartel – Cha-lypso Bounce
Billy Duke and the Dukes – Cha-lypso
The Strollers – Swinging Flute – Flute Cha-lypso
Judy Scott – The Cha-lypso


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